AOLserver Administration Technical Overview

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AOLserver Command Line

bin/nsd [ -i | -f ] [-s servername] [ -d ] [ -k | -K ] [ -V ] [ -r root ] {-c | -t} config

Description: Start up AOLserver




Run AOLserver from /etc/inittab. This option is similar to -f except that stdout goes to the server.log file.


Run AOLserver in the foreground.

-s servername

Specify the server to run, if the configuration file defines multiple servers. The Server1 server will be run by default.


Run AOLserver in the debugger (ignore SIGINT).


Kill the running AOLserver (based on pidfile) and continue.


Kill the running AOLserver (based on pidfile) and terminate.


Print the version number of AOLserver.

-r root

Perform chroot to a new root directory.

{-c|-t} config

Required. Specify -c if the configuration file is in the .ini format from previous AOLserver versions or -t if the configuration file is in .tcl format. Specify the path to the configuration file.

SGI Irix 6.2 Platform:

Execute nsdp instead of nsd to use the Posix Threads interface for SGI Irix 6.2. All command line options remain the same.


Command Line:

Description: nsd -t nsd.tcl

This is the simplest form of the command line. nsd -ft nsd.tcl

AOLserver will be run in the foreground. nsd -fkt nsd.tcl -r /newroot

AOLserver will be run in a chroot environment, and any currently-running server will be killed.

Directory Map

This table describes all of the directories that are created under the AOLserver installation directory when you install AOLserver. It lists the files or types of files that are stored in each directory, the configuration parameters that affect the directory or the files in the directory, and references to where you can find more information on the associated AOLserver features.




Directory containing the AOLserver binary and the default directory for any dynamically-loadable C modules.


.so files nsd translate-ini


Directory containg C and Tcl examples, each in a separate subdirectory.


Directory containing header files for AOLserver.


.h files


Directory containing static libraries used for building customized components to AOLserver. This directory currently only includes the libnspd.a file that can be used to build database proxy daemons (external database drivers).



See Appendix B of the AOLserver C Developer's Guide for information on building external database drivers.


Directory containing log files and the server pid file.


server.log nspid.port


Contains directories for each configured module that operates across servers, such as the tcl module.

See page 62 for information on configuring AOLserver modules.


Directory containing files related to control port interface.




Default directory for shared Tcl script library. Also contains subdirectories containing Tcl examples and Tcl scripts for various modules.


.tcl files


Directory containing user, group, and permissions files, plus Tcl scripts for the nsperm module, which is used to provide access control for AOLserver.


passwd file group file hosts.allow file hosts.deny file perms file .tcl files


Contains socket file for the nsunix module.


Contains directories for each server.


Contains server-specific directories, including modules and pages.


Contains directories for server-specific modules, including nsftp, nslog, nsperm, nsservlet, and tcl.


Default directory where the server's access log is stored.




Default directory where access control files are stored. The access control features are enabled by the nsperm module.


.dat files passwd group hosts.allow hosts.deny perms


Default directory for private Tcl script library for this server.


.tcl files


Default directory where pages and graphics for the server are stored. Users can optionally have individual subdirectories of this directory (see UserDir, below).


typically, .htm, .html, .shtml, and .adp files