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Return a short notice to a client


    int Ns_ConnReturnNotice(
    Ns_Conn *conn,
    int status,
    char *notice,
    char *html


The Ns_ConnReturnNotice function returns to a client a simple HTML page with the given notice as the title of the page. The page includes the /NS/Asset/notice.gif image at the top of the page. If the html parameter is not NULL, it is added to the page after the notice. The HTML source can be arbitrarily long and should not contain the <HTML> or <BODY> begin or end tags; these tags will be added by Ns_ConnReturnNotice. AOLserver uses Ns_ConnReturnNotice extensively, to achieve a consistent look on the pages it automatically generates. Ns_ConnReturnNotice returns a status of NS_OK or NS_ERROR.

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