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Execute an SQL statement that must return one row


    Ns_Set *Ns_Db1Row(
    Ns_DbHandle *handle,
    char *sql


The Ns_Db1Row function calls the Ns_Db0or1Row function with the given SQL statement. If Ns_Db0or1Row returns 1 row, Ns_Db1Row returns the newly allocated Ns_Set for the row. You must eventually free this row using Ns_SetFree. If NsDb0or1Row returns zero rows, Ns_Db1Row returns NULL.

If the SQL statement returns zero rows or a database error has occurred, Ns_Db1Row returns NULL. Detailed error messages may have accumulated in an internal buffer in the Ns_DbHandle.


    Ns_Set *row;
    Ns_DbHandle *handle;
    if ((handle = Ns_DbPoolGetHandle("aPoolName")) != NULL) {
    	row = Ns_Db1Row(handle, "select aName from aTable");
    	if (row != NULL) {
    		char *value;
    		value = Ns_SetGet(row, "aName");
    		/* use `value' here */

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