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Truncate an Ns_DString


    void Ns_DStringTrunc(
    Ns_DString *dsPtr,
    int length


The Ns_DStringTrunc function truncates an Ns_DString to the given length. Unlike Ns_DStringFree, which truncates the Ns_DString to length 0 and frees any memory that may have been allocated on the heap, Ns_DStringTrunc allows you to truncate the string to any length. It maintains any memory allocated on the heap. This function is useful in a loop where the Ns_DString is likely to overflow the static space each time through. Using Ns_DStringTrunc instead of Ns_DStringFree will avoid having the Ns_DString call malloc to obtain the addition space in each iteration. You will need to call Ns_DStringFree eventually to free any space that may have been allocated for the Ns_DString.


    Ns_DString ds; 
    int i;
    for (i=0; i < 50; i++) {
    	Ns_DStringPrintf(&ds, "%s%d", "aBigString", i);
    	/* do something with the dstring constructed above*/
    	Ns_DStringTrunc(&ds, 0);
Ns_DStringFree(&ds); /* finished with dstring */

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