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Schedule a procedure to run at specified intervals


    int Ns_ScheduleProcEx(
    Ns_SchedProc *proc,
    void *context,
    int flags,
    int interval,
    Ns_SchedProc *cleanup


The Ns_ScheduleProcEx function schedules the procedure (proc) to be run at a specific time interval specified in seconds. Ns_ScheduleProcEx returns an integer id for use in the Ns_UnscheduleProc function.

The proc procedure is the scheduled procedure that will be run at each interval. It is a function that takes the context and id of the schedule procedure. The id can be used in the Ns_UnscheduleProc procedure to stop the procedure from being called again.

    typedef void (Ns_SchedProc) (void *context, int id);

The context is the context to pass to the scheduled procedure.

The possible flags are NS_SCHED_ONCE and NS_SCHED_THREAD. If you specify NS_SCHED_ONCE, the procedure will only be executed once on the specified day and time, and it will not be re-scheduled to execute again. By default, the procedure is re-scheduled after every time it is executed.

If you specify NS_SCHED_THREAD, the procedure will run detached in a separate thread instead of using the one scheduled procedure thread used by all other scheduled procedures. You should use NS_SCHED_THREAD if the procedure will not return immediately. Note that if you use NS_SCHED_THREAD, and the procedure is still active the next time to run occurs, the next run is skipped instead of just delayed.

The interval is the number of seconds between runs of the procedure.

The cleanup procedure will be run once when the proc procedure is unscheduled.

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