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Set function used by Ns_AuthorizeRequest


    typedef int (Ns_RequestAuthorizeProc) (
    char *hServer,
    char *method,
    char *url,
    char *authuser,
    char *authpasswd,
    char *peeraddr
    void Ns_SetRequestAuthorizeProc(
    char *hServer,
    Ns_RequestAuthorizeProc *proc


The Ns_SetRequestAuthorizeProc can be used to set the procedure used by Ns_AuthorizeRequest to authenticate users accessing URLs on your system. The authentication procedure must match the Ns_RequestAuthorizeProc prototype and return one of the values listed in the description of Ns_AuthorizeRequest above.

The AOLserver permissions module calls Ns_SetRequestAuthorizeProc at startup to register its file-based permission system. If your site already has a permission system in place, you could write a C module whose initialization function opens a connected to the existing system and then calls Ns_SetRequestAuthorizeProc to override the permission module's authentication system.

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