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Store URL-specific data for subsequent retrieval


    void Ns_UrlSpecificSet(
    char *handle,
    char *method,
    char *url,
    int id,
    void *data,
    int flags
    void (*deletefunc) (void *)


The Ns_UrlSpecificSet function stores data in memory, allowing subsequent retrieval using handle, method, url, id, and inheritance flag.

The flags argument can be NS_OP_NOINHERIT or NS_OP_NODELETE. You can store two sets of data based on the same handle, method, url, and id combination-- one set with inheritance on and one set with inheritance off. If the NS_OP_NOINHERIT flag is set, the data is stored based on the exact URL. If NS_OP_NOINHERIT is omitted, the data is stored based on the specified URL and any URL below it. In this case, Ns_UrlSpecificGetExact will match to the closest URL when retrieving the data.

The deletefunc argument is called with data as an argument when this handle/url/method/id combination is re-registered or deleted, or when this server shuts down. unless NS_OP_NODELETE is set.

Normally, calling Ns_UrlSpecificSet on a handle/url/method/id combination which already has an operation registered for it causes the previous operation's delete procedure to be called. You can override this behavior by adding the NS_OP_NODELETE flag.


    See the example for Ns_UrlSpecificAlloc.

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