Mailing Lists

Where are the mailing lists?

The AOLserver mailing lists are hosted at SourceForge (as of November 2011), and can be found here:

So, what lists are there?

AOLSERVER-ANNOUNCE (SourceForge archive | archive)

An announcements-only mailing list. Very low traffic. Everyone is recommended to subscribe to at least this list.

AOLSERVER-TALK (SourceForge archive | Google group | archive | archive)

General AOLserver discussion list. This list is a free-for-all discussion list, covering server installation, configuration, Tcl programming issues, documentation quesetions, tuning, troubleshooting, etc. Traffic on this list can get pretty high at times.

AOLSERVER-COMMITS (SourceForge archive)

Mailing list for AOLserver core development activities. SourceForge email notifications are sent to this list. This includes CVS commit notices, SourceForge Tracker item changes, etc. Traffic on this list can be pretty high and is generally only of interest to core AOLserver developers, but everyone is welcome to join.

What happened to the old mailing list archives?

In October 2011, AOL announced the discontinuation of their LISTSERV mailing list service, where the AOLserver mailing lists had been previously hosted. The old mailing list archives can be accessed at the following locations: